Halloween Shrine

This page is a shrine to Halloween, the best and spookiest holiday of the year.

As we become older, the opportunities to partake in the festivities of Halloween become rarer. Aside perhaps from the rare workplace event, it's hard to partake into Halloween as an adult.

If you live in a city, you might have the opportunity to decorate your house and hands candy to passing kids. Sadly, I live in a very forested and rural area, so there is no reason for me to decorate my house as no one will see or enter it. That being said, I still decorate the interior to get into the October vibe.

As a self-proclaimed "Sustainer of Eternity" - I refused to let my enjoyment of Halloween die. While it may seem that Halloween traditions are going to be tossed aside in the name of progress. Thankfully, people on the Yesterweb still celebrate Halloween like it's 2007 and keeps its spirit alive.

This page is a memoir for various experiences I had with Halloween on the internet. While I don't have any candy for you, I do have some music recommendations (see the end of the page).

Club Penguin

Club Penguin Halloween artwork

In my youth, Club Penguin was my go to place during the month of October.

Club Penguin was an online game where you played as a penguin exploring an island while chatting with other people. The game had monthly parties where every room of the island would receive a face-lift and new items would be available to purchase.

Club Penguin Halloween party screenshot

I was one of the cool kids. My parents would always buy me membership, as a result I had all the cool outfits. If my recollection is correct, my favorite Halloween costume was the Frankenstein one. I believe that this party had the most memorable songs out of everything in the game. I am still listening to those Halloween tracks to this day.

That being said, the game is no longer around. If you are lucky, you might stumble upon a private server celebrating Halloween, but even then revisiting the game as an adult feel kinda "meh". After visiting every room, your will to play the game will likely wear out fast.


RuneScape 3 Halloween 2014 screenshot

RuneScape too had some memorable events. When I started playing RuneScape 3 in 2014, there was an event where you had to go into Death's Mansion and capture some ghost. That being said, RuneScape's events are either small quests or total grindfest, so the Halloween spirit there is somewhat fleeting.

What marked me the most was a quest called Broken Home. It was a spooky quest released in the same time frame as the Halloween event. The quest was essentially Resident Evil but in RuneScape.

If my memories serve me correctly, I believe I tried to do the quest on release without a guide. Needless to say, it did not go very well. I got stuck on the stupid book puzzle and left the quest there.

The next day I tried the quest again. On RuneScape Wiki, there are what are called Quick Guides, spoiler-free walkthrough for quests. As I was stuck, I naturally used the quick guide for the quest to progress. I was not ready to encounter this:

RuneScape 3 Broken Home quest screenshot

This unholy abomination scared me as kid and for a brief moment gave me genuine fear. This monster chased you around the mansion and you only got rid of it until the very end of the quest. I must say that it certainly made the quest less boring.


Halloween 2021 e-zine

I only discovered the Yesterweb in August 2022. As a result, I have not yet witnessed any Halloween on the Yesterweb as the writing of this. That being said, I stumbled upon the e-zine of Halloween 2021 and found a catalyst of Halloween spirit.

I felt transported back in time. The virtual haunted houses showcased in the publication had some real early 2000s vibe to them. But more importantly, it showcased that the spirit of Halloween was well preserved on the Yesterweb, something I was really started to worry about.

So, here I am making a Halloween section on my personal website. At long last I have found a proper way to celebrate Halloween on the internet.

At first I thought celebrating the holiday in a virtual world was the answer, but now I can clearly see that the best way to express your Halloween spirit is to make a webpage.

Halloween Music

Skull with a trumpet GIF

Here is some Halloween-esque music I like to listen to get in the mood. Sadly, not all of the tracks listen below are available on Youtube (but most are). If you can't manage to find a specific track, you can contact me to get an .mp3 version.

RuneScape 3:

Zombie Invasion
Undead Army
Broken Home II
The Basement
Monster Chase
Evil Spirit
Fenkenstrain's Refrain
Distant Land
Bone Dance
Dead Quiet
The Last Shanty
The Other Side
Lament of Meiyerditch
Darkmeyer (Unofficial Rework) (Original Tempo)
Arboretum (Unofficial Rework)
Upir Likhyi (Unofficial Rework)
The Gathering
Dirge of Drakan
Blood Hunt
The Lord of Vampyrium (Shortened)
The Reaper's House
Howl You Doing

Club Penguin:

Haunted Disco
It's Behind You!
Lurking in the Shadows
Seek And Hide
Dare To Enter The Mansion
Turn Back Now
Cave of Creeps and Clarinets

Luigi Mansion's Dark Moon:

Dual Scream
E. Gadd's Theme
Gloomy Manor
Gradual Infiltration
Haunted Towers
Library Piano
Old Clockworks
Outlandish Interruption
Sticky Situation
Terrifying Invasion
Title Screen
Treacherous Mansion

World of Warcraft:

Halls of Atonement
Waycrest Manor Music (Dungeon Versions)

Umineko no naku koro ni:

Engage of marionette
Fishy Aroma
Golden sneer
Happiness of marionette (instrumental)
Happy Maria!
Organ short #600 million in C minor
Scorpion entrails
The candles dance

Zelda: A Link Between Worlds:

Barrier Over Hyrule Castle
Theives' Hideout
Yuga Encounter (Eastern Palace)
Yuga Intro

A Witch's Tale:

A Witch's Tale (Title screen)
Battle theme
Between Doors
Cookie Waltz
Loue's Theme
Unbound Spell


Ghostly Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy
Whispers - Invadable Harmony

I would also like to recommend the works of Adrian von Ziegler and Derek & Brandon Fietchers - although their music is more on the "dark cinematic" side of things rather than the festive Halloween mood of tracks listed above.

Happy Halloween!

Written by manpaint on 21 September 2022 for the 2022 Halloween event of the Yesterweb.